Policy Priorities

Help us to ensure that all children can reach their full potential by supporting and promoting the following priorities in 2019:

2019 Priorities

Improve Access to Early Care and Education

  • Expand Eligibility for the Care4Kids child care subsidy to families earning up to 75% of the State Median Income
  • Allow parents in school or job training programs to get Care4Kids for class and study time
  • Provide more supports to homeless families, including child care, so they can get back on their feet and become self-sufficient
  • Create a Child & Dependent Care tax credit

Support Parents in Raising Thriving Children

  • Adopt Paid Family Medical Leave
  • Require Predictable Work Schedules (with exceptions for industries with legally required staff to client ratios)
  • Fix the Broken Birth to Three Early Intervention Program
  • Adopt Two-Generation Strategies to grow the economy & end poverty

Improve the Quality of Early Care and Education

  • Raise wages of Early Educators in state-subsidized child care and preschool programs and index them to future increases in the minimum wage.
  • Raise Care4Kids payment rates to child care providers to the federally recommended 75th percentile of the market
  • Ensure parity in funding between various programs providing the same early care and education services

The Alliance Also Support

  • Fixing the Bond Lock, Volatility & Spending Caps
  • Protecting HUSKY eligibility for low-income working parents
  • Raising the EITC to 30% of the Federal Credit

Read more on our 2019 policy priorities here 

For more information about these issues, please contact Merrill Gay, Executive Director of the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance at (860) 978-2767.


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