Founded in 2002, the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance is a statewide organization committed to improving outcomes in the areas of learning, health, safety and economic security, for children ages birth to eight. Our goal is for all children in Connecticut to enter kindergarten healthy, eager to learn, and ready for school success.  Our guiding vision is that families have strategies and capacity for early care and education so that each child is supported by  comprehensive and interconnected services including early learning, nutrition, and social, emotional, and physical health.

The Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance has a proven record as the go-to organization for early childhood in Connecticut.  Since its inception, Alliance-led efforts have resulted in:

  • A state agency devoted to early childhood, the Office of Early Childhood.
  • The creation of more preschool spaces for low-income children.
  • Closer coordination with early childhood experts, colleagues and other leaders at the national level.
  • Placement of thousands of stories and interviews in the news media providing education and awareness on early childhood issues and research.


The Alliance was initially established as a networking opportunity for early childhood organizations but has since grown to become the go-to organization in Connecticut for early childhood information sharing, networking, policy development, and advocacy.  The Alliance currently has over 100 member organizations serving thousands of young children and continues to grow. Our members represent early childhood broadly and diversely – in issue expertise as well as race, ethnicity, and language. Services provided by members include child care, preschool, diaper collection and distribution, home visiting, early intervention, mental health treatment, research, and workforce training.

Member Benefits

Information - The Alliance keeps members informed of vital information and monitoring through a number of communication tools that members use it to share information with their own networks: Weekly Updates; Social Media Notices; Conference Calls; Webinars; Access to Experts; Access to Alliance Staff.

Networking - The Alliance regularly convenes its members and directly engages additional partners in a safe environment conducive to open and honest dialogue: Alliance Monthly Meetings; Alliance Advocacy Committee Meetings; Early Childhood Caucus; Collaboration.

Collective Voice Representing Member Interests - The Alliance serves to effectively and efficiently inform early childhood supporters and the broader community of time sensitive matters and make action recommendations as needed: Media Outreach; Early Childhood Advocacy Day; Action Alerts; Public Hearing Testimony; Press Conferences.

Member Dues

  $150 - Single-site providers, small local organizations
  $300 - Multi-site providers, small regional and statewide associations/networks
  $500 - State-wide organizations/associations/networks                                                                                                      $1000- Large State-wide organizations (with annual budgets over $3 million) 

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