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Care4Kids - Connecticut's child care assistance program for low-income families - is facing a serious crisis.  Care4Kids was closed to most new applications in January 2017, and as a result Care4Kids is now assisting 5,808 fewer children than it was 6 months ago.  This hurts children who need access to child care, low-income families trying to work, and child care programs that serve these children.

Cutting Care Hurts Kids

Without Care4Kids, children from low-income families will not have access to early learning experiences, and may be placed into unregulated care where their safety and development could be threatened.

Cutting Care Hurts Families

Parents who rely on the Care4Kids program may be forced to reduce their time spent at work, or may have to leave their job altogether.

Cutting Care Hurts Connecticut

Child care providers may be unable to operate if too many children are pulled from their care, affecting even families that don’t rely on the Care4Kids program.

A Deeper Dive - The Care4Kids crisis has been the subject of discussion at the state's Early Childhood Cabinet, and has been reported on in articles in CT News Junkie and CT Mirror. 

New requirements from the federal Child Care Development Block Grant reauthorization lengthened the amount of time a family can be enrolled in Care4Kids.  These new requirements are good in that they provide children more stability in their child care arrangements, however, the changes were not accompanied with the necessary funding to pay for them.  Connecticut has been slashing eligibility in order to absorb these new requirements within our budget.  But, this cannot go on.  Too many children and families who need this assistance in order to work are being denied service or will be cut from the program.

The Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance strongly opposes further eligibility cuts and urges additional funds be added to ensure that young children can access child care, their parents can work, and child care programs stay open.


5,808 - Cut in # of children receiving Care4Kids since August 2016

5,000 - Projected # of children on the Care4Kids waiting list by July 2017

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