Weekly News - December 5, 2016

The Economic Impact of Child Care and the Care4Kids Program: 12/7 Forum

On Wednesday, December 7, the Commission on Women, Children and Seniors, in collaboration with the CT Early Childhood Alliance, will host a forum on child care and the Care4Kids program, specifically focusing on the economic impact both have on this state. We anticipate an interesting discussion to evolve and welcome your attendance. Legislators have been invited to attend, so they can hear first-hand how changes to these programs and services can disrupt an already fragile system. The forum will take place in Room 2B of the Legislative Office Building from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. To RSVP, click HERE. NOTE: CT-N anticipates a high volume of events tomorrow and does not expect to cover the event. We will attempt Facebook Live for those who are on Facebook and attempt to record for interested parties to watch later. 

A Note About Care4Kids 

There has been some confusion that we hope we can help clear up. Some letters had been prepared to be sent to December redetermination families after a Care4Kids announcement was made. These letters were erroneously sent out and due the same day they arrived in mailboxes. A new letter has been sent out, giving December redetermination families more time to get their paperwork submitted. They now have until January 13, 2017 to get their paperwork filed.  

OEC Seeks Strategic Planner 

The Office of Early Childhood is seeking to fill a position for a strategic planner within their office. Closing date is December 7. To learn more about the position or to apply, click HERE.  

When Should Baby See the Dentist?

Do you know when a baby should first go to the dentist?  "Most parents are surprised to learn that they should take their child to the dentist when the first tooth appears," according to Alison Tyliszczak, from the East Shore District Health Department. The East Shore District Health Department is working with many community partners, including the Branford Early Childhood Council to improve oral health.  

For more on oral health for babies:  http://www.mchoralhealth.org/PDFs/babybrochure.pdf 

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