Care4Kids - What You Can Do

There are a few easy things you can do to speak out against cuts to Care4Kids eligibility.  Please help.

1. Sign the petition.  Click HERE to see the CT Early Childhood Alliance petition.  Add your name.  Once your name is added, we will keep you updated on this issue.

2. Make a few phone calls. You will either talk to a staff person or you will leave a message.  Tell them your name and where you are from, and give them this message:  "I am calling to ask you to save the Care4Kids child care program.  Child care is too expensive and this program helps parents to get their kids to safe, affordable care so they can work.  Please stop cutting this program.  We have to prioritize keeping children out of poverty."  Call the following people with this message:

  • Governor Dannel Malloy - 860.566.4840 or toll free at 800.406.1527
  • Your State Senator and State Representative (Click HERE to look up your legislators and their contact information)


3. If you run a child care program, talk to your parents about this issue and ask them to do 1 & 2.

4. Plan a meeting with your local state legislators.  Click HERE to list your meeting on the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance website.  Listing it here will ensure coordination and avoid duplication.  Check the Alliance website to see if a meeting is planned in your town, if so, contact the organizer to participate.  If you don't see one in your town, we invite you to plan one.  Follow the "Host Your Own Event" button at the bottom of the page to get started, once you "Save and Post" your event will be sent to us for posting.

5. Watch for emails from the CT Early Childhood Alliance with updates and events about this issue. 

Thank you for your action!