Child care is essential for working parents, yet it can easily be the single largest expense in a family budget.  For low to middle-income families, Connecticut’s Care4Kids child care subsidy makes it possible to work and afford child care.  

Changes made by the federal government to ensure continuity of care for children in this program without funding to cover the cost of those changes has left states like Connecticut in a difficult position.  Connecticut has announced its intent to change eligibility from 50% of state median income to 30% of state median income to absorb the cost of the new federal changes. Because of this eligibility change,  6,100 children will lose their child care subsidy in the next year – exactly the opposite result of what was intended by the federal changes. 

To sign our petition to our Congressional delegation asking for more funding to keep the program whole, click on Care4Kids Federal Petition button above.

To see our position statement and list of organizations that are signed on, click on Care4Kids Position Statement button above.