We're hearing some disturbing news out of DC. It seems that there may not be enough money in the COVID-19 4th package to support childcare as the country "reopens."

Call or email your Congressional Representative.....Even if you already did last week! Please make sure you thank those such as Rosa DeLauro and Johanna Hayes for all they are doing, but make sure you follow with the message that without funding our industry will be decimated! There is language below, a script that you can follow. Don't feel you need to read as written. Just use parts of it in your own words, or simply tell your story. Make sure you tell them you are from their district!

Rep. John Larson (1st District, CT) CT Office Contact: Lisa Perrone – [email protected] 202-225-2265

FB: @Rep.JohnLarson

Twitter: @RepJohnLarson

Rep. Joe Courtney (2nd District, CT) CT Office Contact: Emma King – [email protected] 202-225-2076

FB: @joecourtney

Twitter: @RepJoeCourtney

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (3rd District, CT) CT Office Contact -
Leticia Mederos [email protected] 202-225-3661

FB: @CongresswomanRosaDeLauro

Twitter: @rosadelauro

Rep. Jim Himes (4th District, CT) CT Office Contact: Sabina Dirienzo [email protected] & Will Haskell - [email protected] 202-225-5541

FB: @RepJimHimes

Twitter: @jahimes

Rep. Johana Hayes (5th District, CT) CT Office Contact:Madeline Daly, [email protected] 202-225-4476

FB: @RepJahanaHayes

Twitter: @RepJahanaHayes


Use this as a script or as a base for a script when you contact your MOC:

Right now, we’re hearing that the funding our child care system needs will be left out of the next COVID-19 relief legislation YET AGAIN.

Women are at the center of this crisis now - they are 93% of child care workers, losing income or their jobs entirely or serving as a key part of our public health infrastructure. Women are the providers trying to make ends meet as small business owners without revenue coming in; and mothers are serving on the front lines of this crisis in low-paid jobs and taking on the bulk of caregiving at home.

Recent analysis from NWLC and other partners shows that at least $9.6 billion each month is needed just to keep our system afloat. But so far, Congress has only allocated $3.5 billion in total to the entire child care sector.

If Congress doesn’t act, we may not have a child care system to return to - and women, especially women of color, will suffer the most as a result. Without child care, women will be the ones who have to take on caregiving and are unable to return to work or school. Hundreds of thousands of women- and minority-owned businesses will close their doors. And women who are child care workers will lose their jobs and income.


Join us in calling for Congress to include at least $50 billion in funding dedicated to child care in the next COVID-19 legislative package.

Your phone call to your representative will take just a minute, but it could help save the work and industry that makes our entire country run. Please call now.

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