2023 Priorities

Address the Shortage of Early Educators

  • Wage Equity for Early Educators 
    • Implement the following to achieve parity with public school educators with similar degrees and experience.
    • A compensation scale for Early Educators in State Funded programs paid for with an increase in payment rates for School Readiness and CDC’s to: 
      • $16,138 for preK and 
      • $31,767 for Infant Toddler care
    • Establish a wage equity fund to raise pay for early educators industry-wide
  • Make child care free for early educators through Care4Kids
    • Add employees of licensed early care programs to the list of priority groups for Care4Kids and institute an income disregard for early educators.  (The Kentucky approach)
  • Increase funding for apprenticeships and scholarships to build the early childhood workforce

Make Child Care More Affordable For Families

  • Raise Care4Kids Payments to cover the cost of providing quality care
  • Maintain Care4Kids income eligibility at 60% of SMI for FY24 
  • Increase income eligibility to 85% of State Median income in FY 25

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