Early Childhood Exhibit

March, 2014
Share the importance of giving every child the right start in life!  Reserve the Early Childhood Display for your community!
Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance



"Early Experiences Matter" is the theme of this brightly colored display. Important early childhood topics, including brain development, play, toxic stress, and social and emotional health are highlighted to help educate and remind viewers that our young children need a strong start! 

The display was featured at the State Capitol at Early Childhood Advocacy Day in March 2014, and appeared at the Legislative Office Building in April 2014.

The display available to communities throughout the state to share this important message. The display is available in two sizes:

1) Easel size - includes 9 (2-1/2' x 3-1/2') panels and 9 easels. The panels can easily be divided into smaller displays.

2) Bulletin board size - 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches (standard paper size). 


If you are interested in the display (in any of the sizes available), please contact the Alliance's Samantha Dynowski at dynowski.ceca@gmail.com or by phone at 860.819.3647.

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