Governor Malloy Signs Early Childhood Bills

How Early is Too Early for Education?

  • A closer look at the Abecedarian study - one longtime researcher says cognitive development, especially for at-risk children, needs to start as early as possible.

Early Childhood Poverty Damages Brain Development, Study Finds

Healthy Food Access Expanded for WIC Recipients

  • The WIC program is being revamped for the first time in three decades. The fairly limited list of options will be expanded to include more healthy options and recipients will be given more leeway in purchasing cultural food choices.

New York Times: When Even the Starting Line is Out of Reach

  • New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof notes that the reason why American anti-poverty efforts haven't worked over the past half-century is because the symptoms are mostly treated, not the cause. The country doesn't invest enough in the early years when a child's brain is developing.

Experts: Obesity Often Starts Before Kindergarten

Pre-K on the Starting Blocks

  • The New York Times takes a look at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to offer full-day preschool to all of the city's 4-year-old children.

Child's First Five Years Hold Key to Success

  • A recent piece that ran in The Tennessean written by a heart surgeon, who says there is a crucial window of time - much like the window of time in performing heart surgery - in child development.

New York Times: Protecting Children From Toxic Stress

As Gap Widens, A Push for Learning for Under-3s

  • Preparing children under three to be ready for kindergarten, Connecticut's Health I-Team looks at a recent CT Voices for Children report and speaks to experts including Dr. Walter Gilliam and Jessica Sager at All Our Kin about proper preparation steps.
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