Prioritize Keeping Children Out of Poverty

Care4Kids - Connecticut's child care subsidy program for low-income families - is facing a serious crisis. We must not balance the deficit on the backs of children by cutting children from the program.  If the program closes, over 8,000 children will lose this subsidy in the coming months.  The choices for their low-income working parents are unacceptable - lose their job, send their child to questionable child care arrangements, choose between paying for childcare or buying food/paying rent, among others. 

We, the undersigned, urge Governor Dannel Malloy and the members of the Connecticut General Assembly to stop further eligibility cuts to Care4Kids by providing necessary funding to keep the Care4Kids program open.


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  • I work for the West Haven Community House and these cuts will impact our organization as many of the low-income families who attend our programs will be impacted.
  • The loss of Care 4 Kids funding is creating a tidal wave of burdens on poor single parents and working families that will have the following consequences: Loss of job due to inability to work due to loss of childcare; children may end up being left home alone, children may end up being cared for by siblings, children may end up in an unsafe childcare facility; families will lose housing and end up in shelters; families will be at risk for domestic and child abuse due to enormous stress inflicted by loss of childcare, job, etc.; families will flood the welfare and food stamp programs; children will not receive the stable care they need to thrive and grow. Bizarre that our government leaders have not one clue about basic economics and poverty.
  • I couldn’t agree more! Our local preschool does a great job of working with low income families! Check them out here –
  • Sign the petition: Care4Kids Petition
  • Our Children need early Child Care that helps them develop socially, emotionally" and interation with others at an early age is fundamental for their growth. Their futher starts here.
  • Sign the petition: Care4Kids Petition
  • I urge you to fully understand the reasons why Care4Kids was originally instated. Have those very real needs changed? Is Care4Kids no longer needed in our state’s largest cities? The fact remains that low and moderate income families are unable to afford this care, and may even slip deeper into poverty for trying to give their child quality care during working hours. Child poverty is rising in Connecticut (per census) and Care4Kids is a critical program in preventing this sad, hard reality.
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  • This program helps two fold. I am a senior citizen the money i make helps me supplement my social security. this program also helps my daughter to be able to have a job so she can support her son whom i care for through the program. with out this program there would be a lot more people applying for state assistance making this a burden to the state budget. anytime there is going to be budget cuts it is social service programs that get cut. I did not see Malloy cutting what he donated to that hedge fund last time. Just think with that money how many more families could have been serviced through this care4kids programs.This program is vital for the success of families who need quality loving child care with people they trust. to make cuts to this program is telling the residents that the Gov. does not care what happens to children and the success of families not needing state assistance and that giving to a hedge fund is more top priority.