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We, the undersigned, call on our Senators and Members of Congress to increase the federal appropriations for the Childcare Development Block Grant (CCDBG) by $1.2 billion in order to cover the costs of changes required by the re-authorization of the program in 2014. When Congress re-authorized the CCDBG, which helps fund the state’s Care4Kids program, they failed to fully fund the additional costs that came with program improvements, resulting in the estimated $33 million shortfall Connecticut now faces.


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  • Please keep care 4 kids… without child care help I could not afford the roof over our head. I am employed full time and only have this assistance. I can afford rent food and bills. Without it.. we would suffer through hunger.
  • This program gets people back working.
  • I would not be able to work without this program.
  • Without this program I would not have been able to go to school & get a better job (allowing me to pay more in taxes). This is a program that benefits working parents who are looking to better themselves. and pays long term dividends. Currently I do not require of this program however, at one time I did. This program needs to be preserved to allow working parents to better themselves and their children’s future.
  • Sign the petition: Care4Kids federal Petition
  • sarah norell
  • My son attends the YMCA childcare center in Meriden on Crown Street. I am a low income family and this is all I can afford. If you reduce or take away these programs communities will suffer significantly. Lower income families deserve the right to affordable childcare as much as people who make higher wages. It’s unfair and biast. We need to keep all these programs funded. It’s imperative to children and staff
  • Sign the petition: Care4Kids federal Petition
  • Sign the petition: Care4Kids federal Petition
  • Please increase funding for Care4kids